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Feed back!

We have recently been receiving a lot of great feed back from you guys and we just want to say THANK YOU!!  There is nothing more motivating to us and our staff to do better then when we hear you love it! Keep it coming!! Is there something that you don’t like? Bring it to our attention so we can work harder to make you happy!

Again, thank you for all the love.


  1. Ardath Sherriff
    Sep 10, 2015

    Several months ago I had a bad odor coming from my shower. I had Rooter Rooter come and clean out drains. He gave us some deodorizer to put down the drains. He said we may have to remove the floor if that did not work.

    After more months of recurring bad odor,
    I finally contacted two different plumping companies. They both adamantly said we had to rip out the whole shower and start over at the cost of approximately $5,000.

    I then called Master Bath, who had installed the shower five years ago. Spencer came out and said he could fix the problem. He took out the caulked shower drain and cleaned it. The drain holes were plugged up and there was a lot of gunk – very stinky – built up. He cleaned it out and sprayed clorox around and underneath floor. We put a fan in room for several days. He came back and put the drain back in and so far we have not had any more bad odor.Most plumbers just want the money – Spencer just wanted to do the right thing. He could of said we had to have a new shower and we would of believed him, because of what the others plumbers said.

    Thank you Master Bath.


  2. Brenda Nuttall
    Sep 17, 2015

    My home was built in 1958. When my husband and I purchased the home in 1997 we did the standard remodeling before moving in. New paint, new kitchen floor, new dryer, carpets cleaned. Moved in. We decided to remodel our bathroom. I called Master Bath. They are one of my customers that I do business with at Nuttall & Associates Insurance Agency Inc.

    Spencer came out to our home and gave me some great ideas on what we could do. I have no experience or knowledge in any type of remodeling. Spencer suggested several upgrades we could do and how it would benefit us which I would not have thought of. Came back with cabinet mfg., did measurements. They went to work. Complete tear out. Started all over. Spencer asked me to go pick out light fixtures, facet. Said I have no idea that will look good. I asked Spencer if it was his bathroom, what he would want to have installed. This is what they did. FANTASTIC JOB!

    Did such a FANTASTIC JOB we ended up remodeling the Kitchen, Living room and Hallway. Again Spencer to the rescue on what to install. Cabinet work was awesome, new appliance to match. I was able to get a dishwasher installed which I did not have, whole new look, new carpet in living room, hallway, paneling gone. Again FANTASTIC JOB. No short cuts. THEY DO IT RIGHT.

    I recommend Master Bath to everyone!!

    Thanks Master Bath.

    Brenda Nuttall

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