Care & Maintenance

To keep our cultured marble looking as good as new, may we offer a few suggestions…
There are two enemies of mold and mildew and if we eliminate them as much as possible we will save ourselves a lot of work. 

First enemy is humidity.  Now, its pretty obvious that you buy cultured marble in the first place to cover the walls or countertop in  high humidity areas like your bathroom.  We just suggest that you make sure to “air out” these areas after you use them.  This can be done with a fan (on a timer!) or as simply as opening your bathroom doors.  (If you have a shower door, open it up for a couple of hours as well) Instead of letting the water that splashed on the walls evaporate throughout the day, you can use a squeegee to quickly remove excess water.  Besides being the cheapest form to keep your enclosures clean, it will give you a little exercise as well!  

The second enemy of mold and mildew is cleanliness.  Keeping your shower clean will keep your investment well protected.  Cultured marble is often sought after as one of  the lowest maintenance, customizable products in the market today.   Since there are no grout joints to deal with, it is very easy to keep clean.  We suggest using products like Pine-Sol, Scrubbing Bubbles, Bleach, or any non-abrasive household cleaner. Another method commonly used is spraying daily shower cleaners on the surrounds.  We have tested many different brands and feel with the hard water that Utah has  Arm & Hammer’s “Clean Shower” works the best.  It can be purchased at places like Wal-Mart for a couple of dollars for a bottle and usually lasts a week to two weeks.  You simply spray it on and walk away letting the formula do the work for you.  Make sure to follow the directions from the manufactures on any cleaning products you use.

We recommend using CLR or Lime Away on heavily water spotted areas, as long as the clear layer on top of the cultured marble called the “gel-coat” is still on the surround.  This layer acts as a shield and protects the limestone underneath from these harsh chemicals. If the cultured marble is shiny it has a gel-coat layer. You want to make sure to follow the manufactures instructions very carefully as these products are quite powerful.  We suggest not letting any product dry on the surface (except for the daily shower cleaners) of cultured marble. 

Products you never use on cultured marble: Any abrasive cleaners like Comet or Ajax, or scrubbing pads like Scotch-Brite should not be used as they will damage the gel-coat protective layer. One product that is commonly asked if it is OK to use is “soft-scrub” or “soft-scrub with bleach.”  If you use this product, over time your marble will look hazy instead of shiny because the “scrub” part of soft scrub  has a mild abrasive in it and slowly dulls your finish.