Care & Maintenance

When do I need to seal my granite countertop?

When we install your new countertop, one of the last things we do is seal your counters surface.  This helps prevent staining and adds a layer of protection to your countertop.

Depending on use, we suggest reviewing your countertop every few months to ensure the seal is still holding up.

How can I tell if I need to seal my countertops?

The test:

To determine if your countertops need to be resealed, simply take a small amount of water (like a tablespoon) and pour it directly on the countertop.  If the water spreads out and doesn’t form a nice edge, it is time to reseal.  If the water “beads up” or stays together, then your counters are still protected.

Higher use areas like next to the sink and oven, or wherever you prepare food are in need of sealer more often than an area that doesn’t get used.

Some cleaners are more aggressive than others and may remove the sealer faster than just warm water with mild dish soap on a rag.

Can you reseal our countertops?

Yes, we can return to your home and reseal your countertops as often as you need us to.  We ask that when we arrive, the counters needing to be sealed are clean, dry and have been cleared off.  We will spend about 20 minutes for an average kitchen and 5 minutes for a bathroom.

What is the cost to reseal our countertops?

We charge $40.00 to reseal an average homes countertops.

What can be sealed?

We can seal any granite, marble, limestone, or quartzite material.  Materials such as cultured marble, plastic laminate, engineered stone, or solid surface do not get resealed.

How long do we have to wait until we can use our counters after they have been sealed?

When we finish sealing, your countertops are again ready for use immediately.

Can I just use a sealer bought at a big box home improvement center?

We believe the quality of the sealers that are available to homeowners do not protect the countertop as long or as well as the sealers that we use.  We spend a premium for the sealers (sometimes more than $80.00 per quart!) as we want to protect your investment, as well as our good reputation.

Can you just give me some extra sealer when you install the countertops, so I can use it later?

For liability reasons, we cannot repackage the sealer.

Do you sell the sealer?

If you would like to purchase a can of sealer, we would sell it for $119.00.  This will last many years, but you would be missing out on having a professional not only seal your counters, but examine your counter tops, do any touch up caulking, or answer any questions you may have.